Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Me Made May Week 3

Me Made May Week 3

May 18, I finished the red white seersucker type fabric to enter in last years County fair.  It had been hanging around as an unfinished project for a few years before that so I am not sure of the pattern number

May 17,  knit top is Siplicity3634 but I had trouble with the cowl neck so I left it out.  When I made this a couple of years ago I finished the sleeves and hem by lettucing  the edges with my serger..


May 16, Skirt is an upcycle project from last month.  I strung the simple necklace with pretty orange/red coral

May 15,  Simplicity 2594, silk fabric purchased from Yoders department store  in Shipshawana IN during an ASG bus trip.  I made the Turquoise necklace, it is strong on Silk ribbon. 

May 14  this top is from Macphee Patterns #311out of knit Fabric purchased at Vogue Fabric which was a bus trip for  the  ASG  conference in Chicago.  The pattern is really quick and simple to make


May 13 skirt is New Look 6519 Fabric was purchased at an  ASG Annual meeting

May 12 Happy Mothers day.  Skirt is a light weight black wool from one of my favorites Simplicity 7229, the top is a silky polyester from many years ago.  I am not sure of the pattern number anymore


Monday, May 20, 2013

Me Made May Week 2

 May 11, top is a cotton/poly blend purchased from Hancock Fabrics a few years ago,  Simplicity 4886. Funny picture, it looks like I took it at the fun house. I strung the necklace and matching earrings  with ceramic, brass and glass beads.
May 10, standard black pants and Silhouettes #550, easy to make and wear.

May 9,  this skirt is Simplicity 7229.  I made it several years ago when Walmart  carried fabric the first time.  It is a cotton border print , very comfortable.

May 8, still out of town.  I made the T shirt from a nice knit purchased at Hancock fabrics 1-1/2 -2 years ago. 

May 7, Silver Knit, this is actually a wearable muslin.  I really like this pattern so as soon as I find it again I'll make it and blog about  it. I went out of town this day so I did not have my husband/photographer around to take my picture

May 6 T-shirt Butterick B5215  fabric is a light weight knit  I purchased at Stone Mountain Daughters during a ASG trip



May 5, skirt Simplicity 7229  Linen look cotton.  Not sure why the picture looks like this, the down load doesn't look this way. Of course it is wrinkly since the picture was taken after church.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Me Made May Week 1

Well I didn't have to consult a phone expert after all.  I powered down my phone and then restarted it. Simple fix.  I am now able to send photos so I'll have to hurry and catch up.
Week 1
Day 1, blouse Simplicity 4045

 Day 2, the top is New Look 6294  but I can not remember the skirt pattern number.  I have made it a couple of times and really like it.
 Day 3  pink top is McCalls 6604  blogged about last month..
 Day 4 is a navy blue Slinky Butterick 4745 it is a twist front but you can't see that in the picture. Not one of my best looks but worked for a Saturday.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Me Made May

I , Darlene of Not Enough Time sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear at least one made or refashioned item every day and 2 made or refashioned items once a week for the Month of May.

The Pledge is easy enough but there my troubles begin.  I wanted to get the gaget so you could see that I am participating but,  I can't quite figure it out even with instructions.  I'll keep working on it and one day I am sure it will pop up.

I didn't want to post a picture every day wearing my me made items so I thought I would post a group weekly.  Easy enough.  For some reason  I am unable to email pictures from my phone now.  This started this week after I had to change my email pass word.  I don't see how the problem is connected because I can send other email through my phone.  Weird  I will need to find a I phone expert. 

Have you watched the Great British Sewing Bee yet?  If you haven't go to You Tube and watch all 4 episodes.  I loved these shows and feel that they are more like the type of sewing that I do and more realistic that Project Runway even though I really like that show too. 

Hopefully you will see some pictures soon as I also have a couple of new items to tell you about.