Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Johnson County Indiana Fair

Our County fair was earlier this month.  I think we have a very nice fair and have both many items from 4Hers and open class divisions.  My daughter is in her last year of 4H and being the busy person she is could only  complete 2 projects this year.

One was the recycled ladies jacket in to a pillow which she received a blue ribbon  meaning that she had met all the requirements of the project with no major flaws.  The other project was also a pillow and took much longer to complete.  It was based on the pattern we bought  from Yoder's on our Shipshewana trip earlier this year.   She made several changes and everything she used was from my stash.  She put the black wool applique on muslin rather than wool and she used a piece of red wool from a thrifted jacket and needle felted a bit of black detail on the  bird.  She also did hand beading on the leaves and inserted  piping as well as a hidden lapped zipper.  We were both very happy with how this project turned out as was the judge.  She received the Reserve Grand Champion and her project  has been taken to the State Fair where it will be judged against winning entries from other counties.  We won't know how well she does until next week but I wish her luck!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Upcycle a ladies jacket

A few months ago I purchased a XL ladies jacket in a thrift store for .99 with the plan of taking it apart to make a pillow for the couch.

My daughter decided to do the project for herself and enter it as a 4H project in the county fair.  Here is the jacket after she cut open the seams and cut off the hem.

She cut the top section off at the bottom of the armscye and squared what was left of the back
She used one of the sleeves to make piping.  She utilized the front opening keeping 2 of the buttons and the pockets.
The project turned out well, she received a blue ribbon and we think this looks much better as a pillow than a jacket.