Sunday, June 30, 2013

Butterick 5215

This is the 4th time I have made this pattern so even though it went together quickly, I could have had it done even sooner.  I made view B but modified it by shortening the sleeves and nipping the sides in some.  Maybe I'll do the body of view A next time.  I did lower the neck line and this is actually what took the most time.  I put the shirt together and then tried it on. As I have had to do for the other versions I scooped out the neck a bit then tried it on again, it was still too high so I took it off and scooped it out again and put it back on, not right yet so I scooped a bit more.  finally! I need to make a template so I won't have to sit around in my bra so much next time.

Connie shows a nice method of binding the top edge and I used that method for one of my versions but this fabric is a medium weight knit and it seamed like it would be a bit bulky so I simply folded the  bias strip short sides together  (made longer to accommodate the longer neckline) and serged it to the right side of the top.  I then top stitched close to the fold.

This shirt is ok but not a favorite, since it is a white summer shirt I don't think it will last forever anyway.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shipshewanna ASG Bus Trip

On Friday June 21 my daughter  and I joined the Indianapolis Sewing Guild on a bus trip to Shipshewana  IN.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out that since the trip had sold out we were refunded $10 of the $40 trip fee.  Nice job ASG and thank you.

This trip was part of my daughters 19th Birthday present and we had a really nice time.  We chatted on the 3-1/2 hour trip (each way)  and then had an absolutely perfect day walking around the town shopping together.  Many of the shops have locally made items but not all.  Some items came from  China and India.  Most of the time you can tell the items origin by the price but you can also look at the tags if you want to be sure.

One of the places we really enjoyed was a small art gallery, Galarina Folk Arts which housed the work of several Amish artists and artists close to the Amish as well  Will Moses and others.

Our favorite activity was eating at the Blue Gate Inn.  This was a real treat for us and more than I would usually spend for lunch. The food is simple Amish/country food.  Knowing that we would be walking the meal off we opted for the all you can eat buffet but unlike other buffets, the items are brought to your table and refilled if needed. This is so much nicer than trying to carry your over filled plate back from the usual buffet line.  The Buffett has choices, you can get 2 meats plus Chicken, 1 meat plus Chicken or  the lowest cost at 15.99 was the Chicken Buffett

Our server was a very nice young man and he made sure we had every thing we needed.

Here is our small loaf of fresh baked bread, it is served with apple butter and a wonderful peanut butter spread.  The peanut butter spread is made with peanut butter, syrup  and marshmallow cream  It is really good.  We even purchased a jar of it at a store later in the day.

Our chicken meal included, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade noodles, dressing  and green beans all brought on a tray and set at the end of our table.

Then came desert!  We had our choice of ice cream, some type of cream pie and my favorite bread pudding.  Our meal also included a drink but we both got water because we didn't want to consume too many calories. It was a good thing that we still had plenty of walking to do.

This was one of many gardens we saw.
I enjoyed going into Lollys, looking at the quilting fabrics and there was another  shop  affiliated with Lolly's in the same building that had lots of cute cuddly fabrics.  I spent a good bit of time  looking at both quilting and apparel fabric in Yoder's department store.  As difficult as it was I did not buy any fabric.  If you could see my overflowing and disorganized sewing room you would understand why.  I did however purchase a cute  pillow pattern and feet for a bag I might make in the next week or so.  Don't worry I saw  lots of packages make their way on the buss so I believe that the fabric stores needed  restocking after we left.

I also purchased some wooden spoons.  These spoons come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made in Silver Lake Indiana from trees grown close by.  The ones I picked out are sturdy and strong without feeling too large, awkward or heavy.  They should last for many years but when they wear out I can throw them in my compost pile rather than the trash.

This was my second trip to Shipshewana with ASG, the last trip was in 2009, My daughter and I enjoyed every part of the day, it was nice to be in the company of so many sewing friends  and our wonderful favorite bus driver Shirley.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The last of Me Made May!

I made it through the month. Even though many of my items are made by me,  I had to make sure that I didn't wear my favorites to often and occasionally I wanted to wear one of my store bought items instead.

I see that I am missing a day but I promise I did wear a Me Made item   I just can't find the picture or remember what it was.

This is a really fun vest that I made and taught a class on several years ago.  


5/28 - Skirt is an embroidered linen blend, New Look 6549  I made the necklace & earrings. Silly Checkers must not wanted to have her picture taken today.

5/27 - New top from Modified Butterick  5215 will blog about in June.

5/26 - I still can't remember the skirt pattern but the top is New Look 6438.  The top is a georgette and actually get a lot of wear year around,  It goes with black skirts and pant and I have a orange sweater for the cooler months.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Me Made May Week 4

Here are the items for Week 4,  I know I am behind but I might get caught up some day.


5/19  top made about 3 years ago. Fabric was purchased from Hancocks.  New Look 6315 modified,  I made it button completely down the front rather than button partway with an under lap. per the pattern.

5/20, skirt is a embroidered cotton blend, very comfortable.  Can't find the pattern right now.

5/21  Jacket is McCalls 6516, very easy, the fabric is grey a cotton blend with a silver metallic thread throughout. 

5/22, Top is Butterick 5215 with neckline modification.  This is one of my favorite knit tops. It goes with so many items in my wardrobe.

5/23,  Top is Butterick 5215 with neckline modification.  cotton eyelet knit. This is new, will blog about in June.

5/24, Simplicity 4223, Pink and White Asian inspired Fabric from JoAnn's

5/25 McCalls 9523, This jacket is a non-stretchy sweater knit from Hancocks 2 or 3 years ago

Just in case you are wondering I wore a me made bra on Saturday, it is old and ugly so you wont get to see it.