Monday, September 30, 2013

Mammoth Cave and Lincoln's birth place

We recently went on a trip to Mammoth cave in Kentucky.  Even though less than 4 hours away we though it would be fun to stay the night.

We invited our daughters boyfriend so we needed 2 rooms for the night.  Mammoth park has 3 different options, one is a regular hotel room, and another is a small cabin but it only had one room.  The 3rd option is also a small cabin but this cabin has 2 bedrooms.  There was a bathroom with shower in between the 2 rooms and a small fridge in one of the rooms.   I wasn't really impressed because I saw some cob webs in the corners, but my daughter thought it would be fun so I said ok since it would only be one night.   The price is only about 70 dollars for the night so it was inexpensive  for the 4 of us.   Each room had 1 Queen bed and 1 twin bed so there was plenty of sleeping room.  There is no air conditioning but plenty of screened windows and ceiling fans in both rooms.  We checked the weather carefully while making reservations and since the weather was cool in the evening it was quite pleasant.  We took snacks and breakfast foods but went to the hotel for dinner.  The guys had cheeseburgers  and fries which they said were quite good.    Daughter and I shared a steak dinner with an extra vegetable.  We asked for our steak rare but I think that the regular chef was out that night (off season and during the week)  because it was not done at all and was even cold.  At our request it was quickly cooked properly.  Our salad and mashed potatoes were good as were our cooked apples. I thought it odd that they left all of the peel on the apple but it was soft so it was fine.

While there we took 2 different tours, the Historic and the New Entrance.  Both tours were fun, they had lots of stairs and lasted about 2 hours each. 

Many of the passages had cute names like the one below.

On our way home we stopped at Lincoln's birthplace.  It was a perfect day to get the free walking tour.  This is the spring that would have supplied his family with water.  It was also cool even on a hot day.

 This is the memorial, Most of what you see has special symbolic meaning

This is the cabin that is inside of the memorial. This was considered Lincolns birth place until it was carbon dated in 2004 and found that it was almost but not quite old enough to have been his birth place so it is also symbolic.

We had a great time at both Mammoth cave and Lincoln's birth place.

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