Monday, March 18, 2013

McCalls M6603

I made McCalls M6603 view A with long sleeves and pocket of view C  as a lightweight jacket.  The back of the pattern description is "Oversized pullover tops" and that is correct.  I used a medium weight  stretch cotton blend  that I purchased a few years ago at a Sewing Guild Annual meeting.  I purchased about 5 yards for $17.00 and since I used about 2-1/8 yards for this jacket I have plenty left over for a skirt.

 I had originally cut out the hood but since the fabric back was much lighter  than the front  I didn't want to have such a large contrast and I could either double the hood or make the cowl neck version.  I chose the cowl neck. I also made the front pocket but rather than just sewing a hem on either end I cut 2 pockets, stitched them right sides together, turned them, top stitched  and sewed the pocket on the front of the shirt.  This way the underside of the fabric will not show at all and I think this is a nicer finish.
This jacket worked up very quickly and needs no fitting because it is very large and has lots of ease.   The instructions tell you to sew the side seams and sleeve and then insert the sleeve breaking stitching at the underarm seam.  I feel it is much simpler and faster to sew the sleeve in flat so I did.

 The only issue I had was that my machine and I disagreed on what the top stitching on the hem should look like.  I had to take part of the hem out  twice before I was happy with it. 

I wore this shopping with my husband and was quite comfortable going in and out the stores and car all day.  I might make this again in a lighter weight fabric but if so, I  but I would go down at least one size.

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