Sunday, December 1, 2013

Easy way to make a scarf

Scarfs are super simple to make, they are a fast inexpensive addition to your wardrobe.

The red and black one below started out as a piece of fabric 18" x 60".     The scarf sizing can be very flexible as 9 or 10" scarves also look nice.  This is a great way to use some  left over fabric from your sewing projects.  The main idea is that they have a nice drape.   This particular fabric is a rayon blend so it drapes nicely  and feels smooth against my neck.

First straighten up the edges.  A rotary cutter and mat make fast neat work of it.

 Next, if your fabric is willing you can pull threads from both short ends to form a fringe,
If you have a serger you can do a rolled hem along each long edge, then a little fray check on the ends and you are finished and ready to go out  the door wearing  your new accessory.  If not  you can either do a rolled hem by hand or a narrow machine hem also looks nice.
I hope you make a scarf soon,   they are a lot less expensive to make than to purchase and they make great gifts.


  1. Good job. I buy fabric for them, but don't usually make as I don't wear them.
    I like yours.

  2. Thank you. I have made several scarfs but usually forget to wear them