Sunday, November 24, 2013

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

Per my earlier post I was lucky enough to win a prize package to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Tinley Park Il. 

I received a package of 5 classes, a shopping bag, ticket holder and 3 days of free admission.  I was only able to attend on Saturday so I took 3 classes.

Vortex Quilt with Debby Kratovil was a hands on class  from 8:30 to 11:30 so it was worth 3 classes.   The $20 class fee covered the pattern and ruler.   This was a fun class.  The Bernina machines were loaned to us by Linda Z 's sewing center.  The machines were easy to use and I had no problems sewing with the unfamiliar brand and model.   I liked the knee lift for the pressure foot. We were not able to finish the small quilt in class but here is my progress so far.  This will be a small quilt lap or wall size. If I ever get it done that is.


         We were all given a small package of bating by Warm and Natural.  Nice gift and much appreciated.

and  a CD of Some Bernina Projects

I then had a baked potato with chili for my lunch.  It wasn't bad but it was  something more to my husbands liking.  He went shopping and had lunch at  Cabelas.   I looked at some of the vendor booths for just a  few minutes, then went to my "Do it in the Hoop!"  class with Cindy Losekamp. 
This class focused on embroidering with Angelina sheets and fibers, not something on my sewing list for the near future but the information is always nice to have in case the shinny bug bites and I feel the need to sparkle up my sewing with Angelina

My last class was Core Sewing Skills , the Next Step with Cynthia Guffey

Cynthia is passionate about  sewing, it is interesting to me that she doesn't have a serger so she spends a bit more time with the techniques than I do.  She puts in had picked zippers and does generally more hand work .  Most of our hour with her was spent talking about the grain of fabric, how important it was to find out if your fabric was on grain by pulling a thread and if necessary how to straighten the grain.  She told us the importance of stay stitching to prevent stretching the fabrics and how we should sew with the grain of the fabric even though you might have to switch directions 3 or more times for a sleeve.  I can see changing directions 2 but probably would change 3 times on a sleeve.  Maybe I'll try it and see what happens.  I then spent just a bit more time looking at the booths.  As my sewing room is a complete wreck The only thing I purchase was Swedish tracing paper.  Then it was time for the long drive home.

I had a nice day, learning and re-learning sewing techniques, being inspired by the projects, ideas and beautiful quilts that were on display.

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