Sunday, January 17, 2016

Indianapolis Humane Society review

I recently took my dog to the Humane Society for shots.    Since my employment ceased in July, and I had zoo book coupons for half price vaccinations,  I thought this would be a good way to save some money. 

I picked up my mother  and her dog and we went to the facility at   456 Holmes Ave.   This is first come first serve but there was only 2 dogs in front of us so our wait wasn't too long.  We had minimal paperwork to fill out,  I had printed and filled out mine the day before but my mother hadn't which was not an issue.  At our turn we went in together and both dogs were looked at, their ears, teeth, eyes  and weight checked as well as getting tested for heartworms.  My dog received her shots, minus the rabies ( had the 3 year vaccination the year before last) and  6 months of heartworm medication for $57.00.  My mothers dog need her rabies shot  and also received the 6 months of heartworm medication and since she did not have a coupon her cost was about $80.  We both were happy with the price and service received, the staff was knowledgeable and friendly,  we will make it a point to go back again next year.

This is Sarah,   a cocker spaniel that is  not pretty but has a good personality

This is Checkers,  she is cute and has a great personality
Both dogs are always happy!

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