Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Bird seed bag to Grocery bag

Today  I did a bunch of boring sewing,  home repairs such as fixing a hole in a towel, securing stitching on a couple of my husbands shirts, resewing a handle on a straw basket and shortening an extra long pillow case.  While being able to fix these things makes me glad I can sew and keeps the items useful longer, it was not very exciting work.  I did manage to make another grocery bag from a bird seed bag.  I really like using these bags better than the plastic ones from the grocery store.  The bird seed bags are made of a sort of fabric that has lots of nylon threads running through it.  This makes the bags very strong and able to hold a lot of weight.  Unlike plastic bags they will also stand upright when filled making them much easier to transport in the car.  The nylon handles also make these easier to carry than either a plastic bag or a paper sack, and they don't rip spilling everything onto the ground.  Both of these bags originally held 20 lbs of bird food and being able to keep these out of the landfill and give them a new useful purpose makes me really happy I can sew.

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