Sunday, June 9, 2013

The last of Me Made May!

I made it through the month. Even though many of my items are made by me,  I had to make sure that I didn't wear my favorites to often and occasionally I wanted to wear one of my store bought items instead.

I see that I am missing a day but I promise I did wear a Me Made item   I just can't find the picture or remember what it was.

This is a really fun vest that I made and taught a class on several years ago.  


5/28 - Skirt is an embroidered linen blend, New Look 6549  I made the necklace & earrings. Silly Checkers must not wanted to have her picture taken today.

5/27 - New top from Modified Butterick  5215 will blog about in June.

5/26 - I still can't remember the skirt pattern but the top is New Look 6438.  The top is a georgette and actually get a lot of wear year around,  It goes with black skirts and pant and I have a orange sweater for the cooler months.

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