Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mabenka's Resturant

My DH and I drove to Chicago to go to the Original Sewing  Quilt Expo.  We went on Friday afternoon so we drove a bit further than Tinley park and ate our dinner at Mabenkas.   "A warm and friendly casual dining atmosphere with ample Polish and Lithuanian ethnic charm".

Since it was a Friday night we decided on the specials, he the Polish combination plate and I chose the Lithuanian combination plate. 

We started out with soup, his was beet soup and mine was pea soup.  My soup was very good, better than the beet soup.  The soup was a full bowl not a cup so it would have been enough to have it with the good bread that was served to us.

The service was fast enough and friendly  and you can see my meal below.  I had no idea that there would be so much food.  Being of German descent I have had sauerkraut and various sausages many times in my life but I had never had the other two items.

Kugelis and Cepelinai,  You can see the sour cream and horseradish I was given to eat this meal with.  Both of the new items were interesting,m not bad but not on my favorite list either.  I think I will like them better when ever I have them again.  The problem was that there was to much food to really enjoy it completely.    My husband said his dinner was better than mine (except for the soup).

Next time Kids portions for me!

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