Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow, frigid temps and empty store shelves

We have had some extremely cold weather the last couple of days.

 Luckily we had some warning and knew since Friday that we would be getting lots of snow on Sunday  and frigid temps on Monday and Tuesday.  We received about 11 inches of snow some more or less in the central Indiana area.  Shoveling snow is good exercise.  The real more serious problem is the temperature which started dropping late Sunday early Monday.  Right now it has warmed up a bit, it is -9 degrees F which is -23C  Earlier today it was -13 with a wind chill of -25 to -40 degrees F.  Baby it is cold outside.

Churches were closed on Sunday and many business were closed today and will be closed tomorrow.  This I am sure will be a financial strain for many people and small business.  I brought my laptop home on Friday so I was able to work today.

We  adopted a cat from the animal shelter and  on Saturday evening I wanted to get a couple of toys for her so I went to Walmart.  I knew that there would not be any bread or milk, but I was surprised to see so many empty shelves.  It was like this all over the store especially in the freezer case, with the exception of the ice cream  the pickings were slim.


Good thing I was only looking for cat toys.  She loves these and already has received 3 of the 6 to play with.

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