Monday, February 9, 2015

Americana Quilt completed

I finished the Americana Quilt that my best friend Laurie gave me.  Laurie had pieced  the quilt top several years ago from  block of the month kits and I think she got tired of looking at it.  This was perfect for me to practice quilting on.

I purchased fabric for the back but didn't use it,  I ended up piecing what I already had here.  I would have liked to have had more of the star fabric in the middle but only had a small piece.  It did however work perfectly as a bridge between the other two fabrics.  . 

Here is a little of the quilting.  I rented a long arm machine at Back Door Fabric & Quilts in Greenwood.  I think the price is reasonable at $15 per hour.  It took me 5-1/2 hours to quilt this.

When you put a quilt on the frame you have to cut the backing larger than the top all the way around to ensure that your backing is as large or larger than the front after quilting.   I cut the back a bit bigger than necessary but the trimmed off strips worked perfectly for the binding.

The binding was made from 3" strips folded in half sewn to the front and them flipped to the back and sewn down by hand.  Perfect job for a couple of long car rides and some television watching.  You can see how the backing fabrics, binding and front border all go together nicely.

This is one of the projects I listed earlier to be done and now it is!


  1. Great job. I am working on two UFO quilts--one large and one laptop. I am using home machine; I imagine it is easier on long arm.

  2. The long arm is easier for the larger quilts for sure. You don't have to fight getting the fabric around the throat of the machine. It takes about a half hour to 45 minutes to set it up and get all three layers on rollers and ready to go. I think for a smaller quilt our home machines are fine and a bit more convenient. Good luck getting yours done.