Tuesday, January 15, 2013

McCalls 8574 cute baby dress

I made this dress and hat  for a co-workers grand baby.  Of course the baby was born a couple of months ago but I will use the excuse that I didn't know about the baby until she was born.  I had this cute cat knit in my stash for quite a long time and even though I had used some of  this fabric earlier this year for the same pattern I still had some left.  I think it is perfect for a baby girl.

The pattern is basically easy to put together but I think the sizing is off, it seems rather large and I am sure the dress is too long.  I told the parents that if they didn't want a maxi dress I would be happy to shorten the dress for them.  I am not totally happy with the shoulders, the instructions say to either turn the hem under or use a decorative elastic.  I didn't have the elastic so I turned the hem under.  Next time I will try the elastic or make a knit bias binding.  The hat works up very quickly and I really like it.  All in all the dress is cute and the parents are happy.

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