Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elizabeth an African Grey

Here is one of my pets,  she is the messiest pet of all.  Her name is Elizabeth and she is a African Grey parrot.  She was born in Indiana and is around 10 years old.  She  talks some and says things like water, hello, what cha doing, cracker, want it, Checkers, our names and she can ask and respond to phrases like what does a pig say, what does a cat say  etc.  She laughs  coughs and has several versions of hello.  What makes her really fun is that she seems to know when to insert an ok or a no or a what as if she is really part of the conversation.  She can eat most things that people do but is especially fond of pizza, french fries and ice cream (aren't we all!).

If you consider one of these birds as a pet you might note that you must have a large cage but they will also need to be out of that cage for a while every day.  They are very loud AND VERY MESSY.   Having a good cage helps the mess problem as does having a garter around the bottom of the cage.  I made matching garters for both Elizabeth and Esther's  cages (more about Esther later). 

Some birds are not friendly  and unlike dogs they don't usually take up with strangers easily.  I also would be careful about mixing toddlers and young children with large birds because without close supervision one or the other could get hurt. 

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  1. We have a green cheeked conure who is also very messy. He has TWO big cages- one upstairs and one downstairs but he is only caged when he is sleeping. He whistles.. and dances! :) We sure do love him!