Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Look 6294 Fail

Unfortunately  this pattern  and fabric did not work well together

The pattern

The wadder

When I saw the fabric I liked the print, Grey, tan , black and cream.  I thought it would go with a lot of items I already own.

I modified the bust lowering the seam to allow for a mature figure and raised the neckline.   I really did not like the finished look.  I felt the angled seam line made me look droopy and I just wasn't happy with how  the center front. seams came together.  The pattern of the fabric is not an exact stripe or plaid, it has a sort of fluid look to it,  because of this pattern   the center front opening looks like I cut the fabric off center and that look is something that would bother me a lot if I were to wear this.

I previously made this pattern  out of a linen gauze  that I did like quite a bit  But the current version is a wadder.

old version

I am not sure when I will try this pattern again if ever.


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